Thursday, September 17, 2009

Set 302

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1723. 2-1/2" long":

1724. Approximately 18" tall:

Larger image

Larger image

1725. Around 36" long:

Larger image

1726. About 34" long:

Larger image

1727. 11" long, the left end is open and it's hollow inside:

Larger image

1728. 24" long:


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  1. 1723: Cap for a wine bottle?

    1724: For truing bicycle wheels

    1725: One end of a stand for a large roll of some material?

    1726: First thought was an adjustable bicycle rack for a car, but then realise the notches are the wrong way, so maybe its some kind of adjustable support that hooks onto a pair of round bars

    1728: Looks like a small cannon for ceremonial type events

  2. 1723 for cutting cork covers, wine
    1724 trueing stand for something,little small for bikes though
    1725 engine stand
    1728 signal cannon

  3. 1726 may hook on scaffolding to hold walk plank

  4. 1723. I have not seen this model before, but it looks like it is intended for champagne rather than a than a still wine.

    - Edward

  5. 1723: agree with Champagne bottle cap remover

    1725: Engine Stand

    1726: Looks like a ladder steady

  6. 1727 Taper candle mold.

  7. Correct answers so far:

    1723. Wax seal remover for a wine bottle
    1724. Wheel truing device
    1725. Engine stand
    1728. Signal cannon

    >1726 may hook on scaffolding to >hold walk plank
    >1726: Looks like a ladder steady

    These are both close

  8. 1726-Ladder jack,used in pairs,hooked into rungs of two ladders to support plank between ladders,to serve as light scaffolding for painting etc

  9. Re:Ladder jack

  10. After seeing the answers..
    Chauchats had bayonets? Who would have known.