Thursday, September 3, 2009

Set 300

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1711. 60" tall:

Larger image

1712. 22" diameter:

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1713. 50" tall:

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1714. 16" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool:

1715. Around 4" long, sent in by someone who is looking to identify this item that was a free gift at a car show, there is a 3/4" hole at the other end:

1716. 36" long:

Larger image


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  1. 1711 is a regulatory device for a traction engine, where the resistance of the air acts as resistance. I have no idea of its' name though.
    1712 - inspection hatch on a tank/ tub
    1713 could be from the pointy bit of a roof or froma gymkhana, to rest the poles on.
    1716 - home built portable hearth, the blower provide air blasts into the tuyeres

  2. 1712 Porthole
    1714 Fruit auger, used to losen food stored tightly in a barrel.
    1716 Blacksmiths' portable forge.

  3. 1711 is a Baker Fan usually driven by steam traction engines

    1712 is a porthole, maybe from a ship

    Portable blacksmith's forge.

  4. 1715-Wirthco clip on funnel,for use with automotive liquids etc,or gallon jugs.

  5. >1715-Wirthco clip on funnel

    Thanks! Looks like you nailed this one, that's a great link.

  6. 1716: My limited understanding is that the reason for the big tray has something to do with coking the coal to remove impurities before you actually put it into the forced air part of the forge.