Thursday, November 12, 2009

Set 310

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1771. Approximately 10" long, also explain the significance of the numbers, which range from 16 to 40. Take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this device and a chance to win some prizes.

Larger image

1772. 25" long:

Larger image

1773. Submitted by visitor who is looking to identify this item that has "Stanley Made in USA" stamped on it, the main body of it is 3-1/4" tall:

1774. Another unidentified device sent in by a visitor, his description of it:
7-3/4" long, 2" wide and 2-3/4" high. Appears to be made of cast iron and steel. A latch opens on top with a spring-loaded handle. There is a grease fitting (visible in the "closed" view) which opens into the cylindrical recess seen in the "open" view. The two holes seen in the bottom view are threaded.

Larger image

1775. 29" tall:

Also describe the purpose for the two small parts on the ring:

1776. About 1-3/4" diameter:


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  1. 1772. Cast iron trough holds water and is used to test inner tubes for air leaks both before and after patching.

  2. 1771. Combination egg candler and scale. Eggs are rated by ounces per dozen, so the scale shows the actual weight times 12.

    - Edward

  3. 1771. I agree egg scale/candeler

    1772. is for soaking wooden wagon wheels in oil (such as linseed oil)

  4. 1776 looks like an ohllson and rice .60 cubic inch spark ignition model airplane engine.

  5. 1775: Fence post extractor, the little pegs would dig into the post to help pull it.

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