Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Set 312

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1783. Approximately 10" long:

1784. The idea here is to describe the purpose of the box and the hollow metal piece:

1785. The top part is around 42" long:

Larger image

1786. 30" tall, submitted by a visitor who is looking to find what this cart was for:

1787. 15" long:

Larger image

1788. About 9" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:


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  1. 1787 is the end of a Pike Pole, sometimes called a boathook.

    The long pole it gets mounted on is broken off.

  2. 1783: fin straightener

  3. 1787: Fireman's pike.

  4. 1783. A tooling chisel to make pretty decorative tooling marks on ashlars for buildings, or sometimes used as a smoothing chisel by sculptors

    1785. agreed, a seal press.

  5. 1788. Coffee hopper for a grinder.

    - Edward

  6. 1788 - rolling pin for making those square-shaped ravioli pasta

  7. 1783 Stone carvers tool.
    1785 Fly Press probably from a jewelry or button factory.
    1786 Food vendor cart.
    1787 Agree with firemans pike.
    1788 Holds beans above hand cranked coffee grinder.