Thursday, January 28, 2010

Set 321

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1837. Approximately 5" long:

1838. 26" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this tool and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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1839. Someone found this in South London and is looking to find its exact purpose:

1840. 21-1/2" long:

1841. 20" long:

1842. Sent in by a visitor who would like to identify this device:

Larger image


1837. A clock pendulum, it doesn't actually contain mercury though it was made to look like a pendulum that does:

1838. This tool is an ice splitter that was used on an ice wagon to cleave large blocks, the hook was used to move the ice blocks around in the wagon, similar to patent number 499,286.

Larger image

1839. Haven't been able to verify any of these guesses for this tool:
-for collecting money at a toll booth
-for scooping fish
-used when making cheese
-retrieving wash
-getting food from a deep fryer
-draining water from food
-pool skimmer

1840. A shoemaker's peg float or peg break, the heels of shoes were attached with wooden pegs, this tool was used to cut off and smooth the end of the peg that projected above the insole.

The pegs can be seen in these two photos of shoemaker tool boxes:

The ten similar looking tools that are lined up vertically are burnishers for use on the edge of a shoe sole.
Larger image

Larger image

1841. A dental float that was used on a horse, their teeth wear unevenly and must be filed down occasionally.

Since the peg float and dental float look similar, they are sometimes incorrectly identified, but there are some obvious differences between the two.
The peg float is slightly convex, has coarse grooves that extend to the edge, and has rounded corners. The dental float is flat, has finer grooves, and has a metal border to protect tissue adjacent to the tooth. For more information on these two tools, check out Bob Roger's article in 'The Gristmill', a publication of the Mid-West Tool Collectors Association.

Not all dental floats had pivoting heads, this must be a deluxe model.

1842. A wireless transmitter for use with a guitar:

Larger image

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  1. 1842. Looks to be an FM transmitter. Since it is monaural, I assume it is for a wireless electric guitar.

    - Edward

  2. 1838. Axe used in ice house and delivery trucks to chop apart and move around big blocks.
    1839. Looks like strainer used to gather curds in cheese making process.
    1840. Called a Float, it is used to grind down horse teeth to correct bite.
    1841. Looks like another float, adjustable.

  3. 1839: Either for cheese as Canme said, or for retrieving washing from a large vat.

  4. 1837 is a clock pendulum. The vessel in the center contains mercury; its upward expansion with rising temperature compensates for the lengthening of the pendulum. (Or perhaps it is merely contrived to look like it contains mercury; such imitations do occur.)

  5. >1840. Called a Float, it is used to grind down horse teeth to correct bite.

    This is not for use on horses, it's for a totally different purpose.

    >1841. Looks like another float, adjustable.

    Correct, this is a dental float

  6. 1839 I remember these when I used to go to church. The ushers used them to collect the $ offerings. Now days they just use a bowl and pass it down the pews. But the ushers used to use these long handled bowls to reach the church goers in the center of the pew to get their $ offering during mass.

  7. I've seen something like 1839 used in church for the collection plate.

  8. 1839 appears to be a chestnut roaster. Chestnuts would be put in this and placed above a fire to roast the nuts.

  9. Could also be a collection basket from a Catholic Church.

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