Thursday, February 4, 2010

Set 322

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1843. 1-3/8" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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1844. 6" long:

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1845. 10" long, over 3000 years old:

1846. 3-1/2" long:

1847. Sent in by a visitor who is looking to find the purpose for this device, text on the left side says 'minus', and on the right 'plus', both sides have increments from 0 to 500:

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1848. The upper part is approximately 24" tall:

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1843. A probe from a policeman's Taser:

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The Taser:

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A Taser cartridge:

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An older model:

1844. A playing card holder for two decks:

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1845. An Egyptian headrest, it was marked "New Kingdom, later Dynasty 18, 1400-1300 B.C."

1846. Part of a hay elevator and carrier, this piece of hardware was used to keep the hay fork at the desired elevation, check out figure 3 in patent number 328,896.

1847. The most popular guess for this is that it was for keeping score in some type of game:

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1848. The bars from an old jail cell window:

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  1. 1845 - This is a wooden pillow, a typical East African design. They were also used in Asia.

  2. 1843 Tracking device.
    1845 Agree with pillow, I believe this one might be Egyptian.

  3. 1843 - Marine Life transmitter
    1844 - Holds two decks of cards
    1845 - Harpoon rest
    1846 - ?
    1847 - Game counter
    1848 - ?

  4. 1848 is a window sill and bars for a jail cell window. The ends of the cross pieces and the bars would have been embedded in the brick wall

  5. 1848 looks like the remains of a jail cell window.