Thursday, March 18, 2010

Set 328

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1879. Approximately 3-1/2" long:

Larger image

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1880. 9-1/2" long, sent in by a visitor who is looking to identify this tool:

Larger image

1881. Around 11" tall:

1882. 6-1/4" long, another unidentified item that was submitted by a visitor, it was found in a crop field in South Dakota, there appears to have been a canvas strap attached to it:

1883. 36" tall:

1884. About 5" long:

Larger image


1879. These are golf tees, the ball is placed on the circle of wire:

Larger image

Larger image

1880. Haven't been able to verify any of the suggestions for this tool:

Larger image

1881. A piercing fire hose nozzle, it could be used to pierce a wall, ceiling, airplane skin or other similar surface:

1882. A hose and ladder strap hook, used to carry or hold a fire hose, it could be hooked onto a ladder to make climbing easier:

1883. A chimney pot from England, c. 1850:

1884. A 3H aircraft safety gun, this was used to apply temporary fasteners to sheet metal prior to riveting so that the metal wouldn't get out of alignment, similar to Cleco fasteners, scroll down at this link to see Cleco fasteners in use:

Larger image

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  1. 1881. Looks like a gas fired soldering tip.

  2. 1882 One end of a fire hose strap.
    Used to hook hose onto ladder rungs at fires.

  3. 1881 Specialty nozzle for extinguishing fires in baled goods.

  4. 1883. Smoke stack

    - Edward

  5. 1881 is a piercing nozzle for firfighting. It could be used to puch through wallboard to spray water in the voild

    1882 is the end off of a firefighters hose strap

  6. 1883: Chimney pot

  7. 1884: Sheet metal clip tool - similar to Cleco pliers.

  8. Correct answers so far:

    1881. Fire hose nozzle
    1882. Fire hose hook with strap
    1883. Chimney pot
    1884. Sheet metal clip tool


    1879 is for use in a particular sport.


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