Thursday, April 1, 2010

Set 330

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1891. Approximately 8" diameter:

Larger image

1892. 5" long, submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this tool:

Larger image

1893. 24" long, sent in by a visitor who would like to find the purpose of this piece of hardware:

Larger image

1894. 6" long, there is a hole on the right end that connects with the groove:

Larger image

1895. About 2" long:

1896. Around 66" tall.


1891. A drum magazine for a Thompson Machine Gun, it could be used in place of the stick magazine seen just in front of the trigger of the weapon below:

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This particular gun was used by law enforcement to guard members of the Dillinger Gang in 1934.

Information on how the drum magazine is loaded and installed can be found on this site.

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Another good use for a machine gun is cooking bacon.

1892. Haven't been able to verify any of the guesses for this tool:

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1893. The most popular suggestion for this item is that it was part of some type of construction machine, still looking for more specifics on it.

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1894. A syrup tap for a maple tree, this tap was put in a hole that was drilled into a tree and a bucket was placed underneath to catch the syrup.

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1895. A Kikriki egg tester, it was supposed to be used like a pendulum to determine the sex of an egg and also to check if it was fertile.

Here are the directions for it, although the device didn't actually work as advertised.

Larger image
The second half of the directions
The seller of this tester would send the device to random farmers along with this letter, hoping that people would be gullible enough to send him money for it.

1896. This is an Identix Touchprint Scanner, used by police to scan fingerprints of suspects. To get a digital scan, officers would place the fingers of arrested suspects on the glass plates which are located under the metal covers. The monitors at the top show the scanned prints, as seen here.

An update from last week's set, someone sent me a good link that confirms this valve was used on a paintball gun.

1888. A valve used to adjust the velocity that paintballs come out of the gun.

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  1. 1891 is a drum magazine for a thompson machine gun.

  2. 1894 A spout for tapping Maple trees?

  3. >1891 is a drum magazine for a thompson machine gun.

    >1894 A spout for tapping Maple trees

    These are both correct.

  4. 1892: ice carving tool

    1894: looks like a pivot support arm for a three-axis bulldozer blade, likely caterpillar from the color.

    1895: home-adapted plumb bob?

    1896: looks like an early model computer kiosk, or possibly a printer cover.

  5. 1896
    looks like a fingerprint comparator

  6. 1896
    That machine was only used for scanning fingerprint images - not comparing prints in any way.

    In the image linked, the left monitor has an overview of all of the fingerprints for that person, and the right monitor has a closeup of the fingerprint currently being scanned.

  7. That is quite possibly a first-generation TouchPrint system.


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