Thursday, May 20, 2010

Set 337

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1933. 8" long:

Larger image

1934. 36" diameter:

Larger image

1935. 11" long:

Larger image

It's around 2-3/4" deep:

1936. The points are 2-1/2" apart, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one:

1937. 7-3/4" long, an unidentified piece of hardware:

Larger image

1938. 18" long:


1933. A clamp for use on snow skis:

Larger image

1934. A Pontiac weather vane from a car dealership:

Larger image

1935. A barber's bowl that was used back when they were also surgeons, the bowl was held against the neck when shaving and was also placed against the arm, just below the cut when a patient was undergoing a blood letting procedure:

Larger image

1936. A can opener, it could likewise be used to close the openings by placing the points in the holes when putting the can in the refrigerator, patent number 1,037,541:

1937. This is part of a 'three ring serreta' that is for use on a horse, it's missing its leather cover, lots of examples on this site.

Larger image

1938. A picket from the Civil War for use with a horse, it was pounded into the ground and the horse was then tied to the ring:

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  1. 1934. Chief Pontiac, mabee a weathervane or other type of advertising hardware.

  2. 1938. A picket pin for staking out horses or other animals to graze on a rope. The swivels at the top keep the rope from tangleing as they graze.

    1937. a device to help control an unruly horse or other animal?

  3. shoot. Canem beat me to it.
    A barber's bleeder/shaving bowl.

  4. 1933 Something to hold the bow in a pair of skis

  5. Correct answers so far:

    1933. Ski clamp
    1934. Pontiac weather vane
    1935. Barber's bowl
    1938. Picket pin for horses

  6. 1937. check out page 5 of this document. 3 ring serreta.

  7. >1937. check out page 5 of this document. 3 ring serreta.

    Thanks! Looks like you nailed this one.

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