Thursday, July 1, 2010

Set 343

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1969. Around 3" diameter:

1970. About 42" long:

Photo by Christopher Young

1971. Approximately 2-1/2" long in this first photo, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a prize:

From Bob Roger's collection

Larger image

1972. 8" long:

1973. 6" tall, from the 1860s:

1974. 7' tall, this gauge was sent in by a visitor who is looking to find its exact purpose:


1969. A football official's chain yard marker, it was attached to the first down measuring chain so it could be reset to its proper location if the chain was moved. In this photo, the marker would have been placed at either the 15 or 20 yard line.

1970. A bark spud, it was used to remove bark from a tree trunk, but first the bark was cut in two places around the circumference of the tree and then it was slit lengthwise between the two cuts with a hatchet. The bark spud was then used like a chisel to separate the bark from the wood.

Photo by Christopher Young

1971. A cork remover, patent number 1,213,452, which states:
By then imparting a gradual rotating movement of the bottle with respect to the extractor, or of the extractor with respect to the bottle, the stopper will be moved in a circular direction in the bottle neck and such rotation will readily free the stopper as the tendency of the latter is to move outwardly during such rotation.

From Bob Roger's collection

Larger image

1972. A hollow auger, also called a spoke auger or tenon cutter, it's a bit brace tool used to cut a round tenon such as required on a wagon spoke or chair rung.

1973. A Civil War soldier's shaving mug, the rectangular compartment was for holding a shaving brush or razor.

1974. No answer yet for this one, possibly a some type of pressure or cistern gauge:

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  1. 1970 looks like the blade opposite the tamper on a posthole-digging tool I have. The blade is, I believe, intended for breaking up rocks while diging postholes.

  2. 1969 Some kind of diver's indicator? Maybe minutes of air left in a tank or something like that?

  3. 1969. Used by officals in an American football game to keep the place of the first down chains.

  4. Correct answers so far:

    1969. Football official's chain yard marker
    1970. Bark spud

  5. 1974: I'm inclined to believe that it may be an old pressure gauge for divers. It measures to 300 bar, which would correspond to a modern aqualung.

    It looks as if the pressure is adjustable, and it's large enough for the tender to see at a glance, which would be important to whomever is underwater.

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