Thursday, September 9, 2010

Set 353

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2029. 3" diameter:

2030. This was sent in by a visitor who found it on a fire truck:

The metal clips on the sides are spring loaded to open and close the metal prongs at the end.

2031. Approximately 7" long:

Larger image

2032. Around 3" long:

2033. This tool is from South America, the owner would like to know if it's for a particular purpose:

Larger image No. 1
Larger image No. 2
Larger image No. 3

It's missing its long handle, the blades are not sharp, and if shook the small parts make a rattling noise:

2034. About 8" long:

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2029. An Outers Locator for use by a hunter or fisherman to record his position so that he can return to the exact location at a later date.

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2030. An extension handle for a large circuit breaker, it helps give more leverage for throwing the switch:

2031. A running board ice holder for transporting ice blocks from the icehouse to home, patent number 1,702,014:

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From Bob Roger's collection

2032. A pump handle money clip insert for a wallet:

2033. No answer yet for this one:

Larger image No. 1

2034. A Harley Davidson siren for a police motorcycle, it was powered by placing the small end against a rotating tire.

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  1. Great set this week.

    - Edward

  2. 2034 is a motorcycle cop's siren

  3. 2030 Circuit breaker handle

    2032 Phonograph changer spindle?

    2034 As Dave said a MC Police siren.

  4. Correct answers so far:

    2030. Circuit breaker handle
    2032. Money clip
    2034. Police motorcycle siren

  5. 2029 is a protractor probably used in drafting.

  6. 2033 looks like a weeding tool.

    The loose balls in the cage are the remains of a ball bearing... you'd press the metal parts into the soil surrounding the weed, the outer blades would rotate with the handle (probably T-shaped for grip) to loosen the weed, and the core of soil containing the weed would be lifted out on the inner blades so you can drop it in the bucket.

    I own a more modern version that has a plunger down the middle to push the soil cores out... but it's not as cool as that one. :-)