Thursday, September 16, 2010

Set 354

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2035. 36" tall:

Larger image

2036. 8" long:

Larger image

2037. 9" long:

Larger image

2038. These wooden items were found in a barn, they were submitted by someone who is looking to find out what they were for:

Larger image

2039. 8" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2040. 12" long:

Larger image


2035. A drum closing tool "for crimping the flange of a lid into sealing engagement with the bead that is conventionally formed about the edge of a drum or pail", patent number 3,015,291:

Larger image

2036. A cleat from a logger's springboard:

Larger image

This springboard was posted here two years ago, the board was wedged into a notch in a large tree and served as a platform for the axeman. The end that goes into the tree has a metal reinforcement.

2037. A fisherman's priest for quickly and painlessly killing trout or salmon:

Larger image

2038. No answer yet for these items, guesses so far:
-racks for holding harnesses, reins, and other horse tack
-racks for drying some type of crop
-wickets for passing through a fence
-racks for holding long tools

Larger image

2039. A Fulton traffic light finder, some of the old cars had low roofs that made it difficult to see a traffic light if the vehicle was too close to it, this device was invented so that the driver could hold it near the windshield and see the light through it, patent number 2,526,045:

2040. Somaca double pad vacuum lifters for use with glass, tile or other materials with a smooth surface:

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Last week's set is seen below, click here to view the entire post.

More discussion and comments on these photos can be found at the newsgroup rec.puzzles.


  1. 2040... vacuum floor-tile lifters

    This is a very interesting set.

  2. 2035. Device to unseat automobile tire beading?

  3. 2040. Suction cup handles for carrying glass or granite countertops or anything smooth and hard to handle.

  4. 2037 - fish priest (used for whacking a fish on the head to quickly kill them)

    2040 - suction handles for lifting raised floor panels

  5. 2035 - Lid sealer, but for a much smaller can than a 55 gal. Maybe for a grease bucket.

    2036 - My submission

    2037 - Gong Hammer

    2038 - Hangs on barn wall to store long items.

    2039 - Fresnel Lens

    2040 - Suction handles

  6. 2035: Manual Lug Closing Tool

  7. 2040. Suction cup deals with to carry glass or even marble counters or even everything easy and difficult to manage.

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