Thursday, October 7, 2010

Set 357

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2053. 5" long:

2054. 3" long:

2055. 7" tall, submitted by a visitor who would like to find the exact purpose for this tool:

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Close-up images

2056. Approximately 36" long:

Larger image

2057. This is the top half of a device that stands about 48" tall:

2058. 3-3/8" long, there are six words of cautionary text on this tool, the first word is DANGER, the fourth is BEFORE:


2053. A lock for a mailbag or duffle bag:

2054. A tool for getting juice from a lemon:

2055. No answer yet for this device, some of the guesses for it:
-nail grabber for getting nails from a keg
-picking up cannonballs
-for getting food from hot coals
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Close-up images

2056. The two pieces of wood were made to be attached to a chair to make a rocker:

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2057. A Kitselman Brothers Duplex automatic wire fence machine:

Larger image

This video shows the machine in use:

2058. A 12 gauge shotgun choke wrench, text on it reads 'Danger - unload gun before changing choke', a choke is a cone shaped tube at the end of the barrel that controls the spread and impact point of the shot. If you scroll down at the link just over half way down the page there are diagrams of different shotgun chokes.

A couple of weeks ago this stop lens was posted:

Someone sent in this photo of a 1940s Ford, the size and shape of the tail light is similar to the stop lens, it might have been an aftermarket part.

An update from last week:
2049. A Western Electric Lineman's Test Set from 1908:

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  1. 2058 may be the wrench for a laboratory lecture bottle, although it would not work on current models that contain a safety regulator built in. On the old ones, you put the wrench on then the regulator. The wrench could be used for any nut, but that was a common shape.

  2. 2057 - rope-making machine, maybe?

  3. 2056. Add-on rockers to convert a regular kitchen chair to a rocker?

    2057. Picket fence making machine.

  4. 2053 - a "D" handle/closure for a duffle bag.

  5. 2053 - Bicycle lock

    2055 - Crabgrass/thistle remover

    2056 - Rocking horse runners or sled runners

    2058 - gas line wrench

  6. Correct answers so far:

    2053. duffle bag lock
    2056. rocker add-on
    2057. fence machine, though not for pickets

  7. #2058 is a wrench for removing a choke tube from a shotgun barrel.

  8. I've seen that green stoplight lens, on the net, a couple years ago. It was aftermarket, high center mounted, and very, very early. I'm thinking WW I vintage. I'm not sure when red became law.