Thursday, April 7, 2011

Set 383

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2209a. 20" long:

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Two more versions of the same tool:


Note the teeth on the end of the two arms, on one arm they are on the inside and on the other they're on the outside, same as in the first example of this tool in the photos above.

2210. Approximately 7' long, it weighs over 1,500 pounds, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this one and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2211. 8" long, submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this piece of hardware:

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2212. 7-1/8" long, another unidentified item that was sent in by a visitor, text on it reads J-5984 KMO-USA:

More images

2213. 2-1/2" diameter:

2214. 4" long:


2209. A barrelmaker's flagging iron, used to spread the staves of a tight barrel for insertion of flagging or caulking material. The forked end is placed over the end of two staves and then used as a lever to separate them.

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2210. The Travis dumbbell, with star collars, named after Warren Lincoln Travis, "he would often hip lift this dumbbell as part of his performances. Empty, it weighs 1650 pounds although Travis often loaded it with sand so that it topped out around 3750 pounds." "Travis weighed only 180 pounds at his zenith between 1906-1909, but his strongman exploits included lifting various weights up to more than 3,000 pounds in the harness, and back lifts of people and objects. The National Police Gazette recognized Travis in 1907 as the "strongest man in the world," and his elaborate metal belt proclaiming this pronouncement is displayed in the museum." The list of Travis' ten strength challenges can be found on this page.

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A photo with someone next to this weight can be seen here.

Larger image

The huge dumbbell was photographed at the Weightlifters Hall of Fame, there wasn't a plaque or any description of it there so I thought it was some type of sculpture. In the photo below there is a display of globe weights, I was planning to post them in this set and then post the sculpture with the answers. After doing some research on the sculpture I was amazed at the information that I found, it never crossed my mind that someone could actually lift it! Some of these globe weights are hollow and can be filled with sand to vary their weight.

Larger image

2211. Haven't been able to verify any of these guesses for this item:
-a tool for caulking boat planking
-marlin spike
-hub cap remover / re-installer
-for a rubber seal, as around a window
-rattan furniture tool
-gimlet style reeding tool
-wagon pin

Larger image

It's roughly the same size and shape as this wagon pin that someone sent in:

Larger image

2212. A weatherstrip clip reforming tool (bottom of the page at the link):

More images

2213. A bicycle spoke wrench:

2214. A nocturnal dial, it was used to determine the time at night by observing the position of the North Star in relation to the Big Dipper.


This awesome tool chest was posted on many different websites this past week, if you haven't see it yet it's worth checking out:

I own a lot of different tool books but the one that I use first as a reference is the Dictionary of American Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
It has over 4,500 images and is a great book for learning about about a wide variety of tools. This book gets my highest recommendation.

I've decided to become an Amazon affiliate to help pay for the costs of finding and purchasing items to post here. Please consider purchasing books through my links if you are interested in them, there is no additional cost for the buyer and a small percentage will be paid to my account.

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  1. 2214 looks to be a governor for an elevator. Except it is missing one of the pieces that slide out when the wheel spins.
    The car begins to speed up which causes the wheel to spin. The centripetal force of the wheel makes the levers slide out and lock the gears. This stops the car.


  2. whoops nevermnd. I misread the dimensions.

  3. 2214

    is super sized scupture of a barbell located at the "weightlifting museum that York Barbell has set up"

    Mariner's astrolabe ?

    seems to be a kind of
    circlip like device/filter to be inserted into a pipe-- Onla a rough guess..

    Greetings, "Sub"

  4. 2214 Bar Shot used as cannon projectile. See chain-shot in wikipedia for smaller example.

  5. Would 2213 be for twisting wire?

  6. 2213 An insert for a band saw table when running with a sanding belt installed.
    Pictured upside down.

  7. 2210 looks like an ore crushing spindle and balls.

  8. 2213 as a bicycle spoke wrench? Yikes. The tapered slot would round off the nipples, and the whole thing might be too wide to fit between the spokes on many wheels, especially if the engagement was far from the center.

    "Disk" type spoke wrenches have their slots along an edge flange.

  9. I guess the spokes were more spread out years ago.

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