Thursday, April 14, 2011

Set 384

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2215. 2-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2216. Between 2" and 3" long:

2217. 4" long, another unidentified item:

Larger image

2218. The hammer is normal size, the others are around 3' to 4' long:

Larger image

2219. Approximately 8" tall:

2220. About 2-3/4" long:


2215. A seed corn dryer, it was stuck into an ear of corn and then hung up to dry so the corn could be used for the next year's seed.

2216. These are all year tags for old license plates, mounting slots for these tags can be seen in the plate on this page.

2217. Haven't been able to verify any of the guesses for this one:

Larger image

2218. A hammer cap gun along with some cap bomb canes, they're all noise makers that use cap gun caps.

Larger image

2219. A counterweight for a barn door:

2220. A Victrola phonograph bamboo needle cutter, used to sharpen the point of a needle, patent number 1,248,554.

I own a lot of different tool books but the one that I use first as a reference is the Dictionary of American Hand Tools: A Pictorial Synopsis (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
It has over 4,500 images and is a great book for learning about about a wide variety of tools. This book gets my highest recommendation.

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  1. 2216. Date tags for automobile license plates. During the war metal was in short supply, so instead of getting a whole new license plate you would get one of these mini tags that you bolted on over the old date on your existing plates.

  2. 2216 - license plate year tag
    2217 - material flouter
    2218 - noise makers

  3. 2216 are vintage license plate tab covers!

  4. 2219 I'm thinking it's part of locking device for something, I'm just not sure what. Or maybe a tractor weight?

  5. 2215: pounded into the end of a tool handle so that you can hang the tool from a nail?

  6. 2217 is a pill-maker for pharmacy use.
    They are used at 90 degrees to each tother for rolling ingredients together into a spheircal shape.

  7. I should have mentioned that the wood pieces in 2217 are connected by a hinge, so I don't think they could be used to make pills.

  8. 2217. At first, I would have thought cigar mold, but now that you've said the two pieces are connected by a hinge, they clearly mesh, so that couldn't be right. It has to be some sort of crimper ar fluter. What are its' dimensions?

  9. It's about 4" long when closed.

  10. 2217 is a mold for Cannelloni. Typical Italian & Spanish pasta.