Thursday, August 4, 2011

Set 400

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2311. 36" tall:

2312. The objective here is to describe the purpose of the copper part on the left end of this model:

Larger image

2313. 5" long:

2314. About 4-1/2" long, this first one was sent in by a visitor:

2315. Approximately 3-3/4" long:

Larger image

2316. Around 4" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2311. These are adjustable roller stands, used for holding long pieces of wood or other material when feeding a saw, the one with two rollers can be adjusted to a V formation to hold logs or pipe:

2312. The copper item represents a spar torpedo, the plaque next to this model of the C.S.S. Hunley read:
The torpedo was a copper cylinder with ninety pounds of explosives on a yellow pine boom some twenty-two feet long fitted into the two loops on the ship's bow, which was designed to be rammed into the target ship's side. Long lost, having sunk during it's successful attack on the federal warship Housatonic, the C.S.S. Hunley was rediscovered in 1995 and raised in August of 2000. It will undergo restoration and then be on display at the Charleston Museum.

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2313. A lock for a spare tire, in each hole there is a spring and a tab that protrudes into the opening. The device was pushed on to lock in place, when the key was turned, the tabs would retract, which allowed the springs to push the lock off the lugs.

2314. These are all corn husking pegs, they were used to open the husk to allow the removal of the ear, and also to split the husk when removing an ear of corn from the stalk.

2315. This is an old prank device, when the button is pressed the victim gets stuck with a pin, similar to the old trick vestas or match safes:

Larger image

2316. A tool that was used to make cavities in bullet molds during the Civil War:

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To submit photos, send them to the address in my profile, please include dimensions, any text on the item, and where it was found.

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  1. 2311: stands to support large pieces of wood on a table saw etc.

    2312: method of deploying a mine against an enemy ship from an early submarine

  2. 2314. Fids for splicing rope.

    2315. The button has an embedded needle. The echo is not a recording emitted by the device, but the surprised sound you make when you prick your finger.

  3. 2312 - the first "torpedo" - contact explosive on the confederate submarine CSS Hunley

    2315 - Gag item - probably gives a fart sound

    2316 - Ball mill for a hand brace

  4. 2314. Used to shuck dried corn.

  5. 2313 - Anti theft device. Locks onto wheel lug nuts.

  6. 2316. This is a "cherry" for making the cavity for a bullet mold to cast round balls to be used in a black powder rifle.

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