Thursday, August 25, 2011

Set 403

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2329. 22" tall:

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2330. Approximately 36" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

2331. 7" long, this device is missing an important part:

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2332. About 3-1/2" long:

2333. These three tools all served the same purpose and are around 2-3/4" inside diameter:

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2334. 48" tall:

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2329. These are both mortising machines for making a slot in a piece of wood.

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A Champion mortiser, this advertisement has a good explanation of how it works, patent number 1,037,939.

Patent number 779,955

2330. An inside view of a Redbox dvd rental machine, as seen in this video:

2331. A Scan-o-matic, used by coin collectors to quickly inspect a large number of coins, here is a description of how it was used:
1. The coins are placed in the tube sticking up from the unit and rest on the slide which can be seen protruding from the right side.
2. The slide is pulled outward to the right until a coin drops into a hole cut out of the end.
3. The slide is then pushed to the left back inside of the Scan-o-matic.
4. In the middle is a hole with a very lighweight piece of spring steel. The coin's weight pushes it down and the slide passes over it to push the coin under the lighted magnifyer for viewing.
5. The slide is then pushed all the way to the left till it comes against a stop, and when it's pulled back to the right the coin flips over so the other side can be viewed.
6. Pulling the slide back farther allows the spring to lift up to expose the hole and the coin drops out.
7. When the slide reaches the tube another coin drops into it and the process repeats.

2332. Probably a tool for pushing money into a slot in a safe, similar money paddles or money plungers are used by casinos.

2333. These are all sealers for metal jar lids, also called lid reformers, when the edge of a lid got bent out of shape, one of these tools could have been used to straighten it.

Patent number 665,517:

Patent number 750,163:

2334. A Barco BR451 gasoline powered tamper:

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  1. 2334 is a gasoline powered Tamper

  2. 2329 A mortising machine

  3. 2329: specifically for putting the holes for spokes into wagon wheels?
    2330: Inside of a REDBOX dvd rental machine?
    2333: Oil filter wrenches?

  4. 2329 At least the one on the left I know is for mortising for door locks.