Thursday, October 13, 2011

Set 410

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2371. 12" tall:

Larger image

The next three items were all sent in by visitors who are looking to identify them.

2372. Approximately 36" long, the part at the top right is V shaped and has a clamp, next to it is a measuring piece that is slightly curved:

Larger image

2373. 2" diameter:

2374. 4" long:

More images

2375. This wooden item is 40" tall, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

Larger image

2376. 18" tall:


2371. A model of the Cray 1 Computer, manufactured by Cray Research, Inc., Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, 1979:

Larger image

2372. No verifiable answer yet for this device, though it looks similar to a beam compass:

Larger image

2373. Possibly a scale model drum magazine for a Model 1893 Colt Bulldog Gatling gun:

2374. A machinist's angle plate, it was attached to a T-slotted moving cast iron table which was part of a milling machine, and used for holding work pieces:

More images

2375. A killick type anchor that was used on a small river freight boat in the 1800s, rocks were placed in the center of it to weigh it down:

Larger image

2376. A fireman's torch used by Madison Engine Company Number 2, Madison Wisconsin, 1855-1866, it was probably used in parades and ceremonies:

To submit photos, send them to the address in my profile, please include dimensions, any text on the item, and where it was found.

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  1. 2371. seems to be a model cray...

    2375. seems to be incomplete, i will give the solution after the Neatorama game started....

    2376. looks torchlike

    no idea what the ohter items might be...


  2. I agree with Anonymous on 2371, a model Cray-1 supercomputer.

  3. 2375 - Boat anchor (should be filled with rocks?). Background picture is a hint.
    2376 - Gimballed lamp for a ship?

  4. 2371 ISTR reading a story about a guy who used a model of a CRAY as an enclosure for a PC.
    2375- Judging from the background, an anchor? Or possibly some sort of dredge.
    2376 again, judging from the background a gimballed torch for parades.

  5. 2374. could be a fixed angle plate for a small milling machine, shaper or drill press.


  6. Actually, 2371 is a model of a Cray X-MP.

  7. 2375. Is a wooden anchor (incomplete), it's missing the rocks that go inside the frame.
    Is called a 'sacho' in Chiloe Island.

  8. everything you do is just so mystical and beautiful. loved this.

  9. This is the mainline version. It's going to have different wheels and more detailed paint for the Entertainment line.

    cast iron casters & steel casters