Thursday, May 10, 2012

Set 440

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2551. 20" long:

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The next four items were all sent in by visitors who are looking to identify them.

2552. 24" tall:

2553. 4 3/4" long, 1/2" diameter shaft, the beveled gear top is 7/8" diameter, and there are 3 rows of sharpened spines angled toward the point:

2554. 8" long:

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2555. 16" long:

2556. This white canister is about 9' above the ground:

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2551. A ruggle or drag shoe, it's a type of brake to prevent a heavily loaded wagon from overpowering the horses on a steep downhill grade, a wheel is placed on it to make the wagon slide down the hill instead of roll.

Larger image

Another one that was posted here about seven years ago:

2552. This is most likely a ceremonial oil lamp that could be remotely lit by the Fordson Coil at the bottom of it, which would have been used to generate an ignition spark.

2553. This is a cotton gin spike or cotton picker spindle, these are actually used in a cotton picker but are also used by surveyors as temporary jobsite benchmarks and control points.

2554. This is probably a kitchen multi-tool for pushing or pulling racks, lifting pot lids, and possibly prying off lids and caps:

Larger image

2555. A Goodell-Pratt Bench Drill, as seen in their catalog:

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2556. Still looking examples online but I'm told that the canister holds documentation about connections of the power cables:

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  1. 2552 Don't know, but it has a Ford trembler ignition coil in the base.

    2555 Drill Press

  2. 2553 is a picker from a cotton picking machine. There were 20 or so of these spun in a column with 10 or more columns that rotated as it pasted the cotton plants. The picker rotated and pulled the cotton bole as it passed by. Then it was vacumned off.

  3. 2551 - Modern version of a Drag Shoe or Wagon Shoe, disigned to help brake the wagon wheels when going down a hill.

    2554 - Kitchen multi tool. Holes are just decorations. These were used as lid lifters, rack pushers and so forth.

  4. 2555 - From the Goodell Prat & Co. toolsmiths catalog, page 204. This is a #8 Bench Drill

  5. 2552 looks like an ashtray with a cigar lighter to me.

  6. this is just too cool for words! :)
    great job!