Thursday, April 17, 2014

Set 541

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3157. 7-1/2" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

3158. 4-1/2" long:

Larger image

3159. 7-3/4" long, this tool has an uncommon attribute:

3160. 8" long:

3161. 4" long:

3162. 12" long:

It's hollow from the base of the wedge at least up to the hole seen in the third photo:

14" long, used in a similar manner as the previous tool, hollow from the bottom up to the small hole in the side:


3157. This is an ice pick, it is similar to the tool in patent number 314,723.

3158. This front and rear sight tool was designed to remove, install, and adjust the rear sight of an HK USP, and HK P2000.

3159. There are four nested screwdrivers in the handle of this GAM Mfg. Co. hammer:

3160. A derailleur for a bike:

3161. This is a lamp extractor for use on the small light bulbs in old control panels:

3162. A powder wedge, it was filled with gunpowder or pyrodex and used to split logs too large for a sawmill to handle. The hole in the side was for the fuse, and a chain with a spike on the end was attached to the ring, with the spike driven into the side of the log so that it didn't fly too far from the explosion.

Similar to the wedge except that a hole must be drilled for it, the purpose of the flag was to make it easier to find after detonation, these could also be used on tree stumps.

A couple of months ago this unidentified tool was posted here, turns out that it's a powder wedge from Australia:

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  1. 3158 a weaponsmith's tool?
    3159 screwdriver in the sahft?
    3460 Derailleur gears dohicky!

  2. 3159 has a screwdriver in the handle.

    3161 is a tool for grasping small indicator lightbulbs in an old (very old) annunciator board to pull out the bulbs and inseting new ones. Kellogg is one brand of annunciator that comes to mind.

  3. 3157 - Ice chipper
    3162 - Log cannon

  4. 3159 This hammer actually has 4 screwdrivers in the handle. GAM Mfg. Co., Lancaster, PA

  5. 3157 inside pipe reamer
    3161 Neuses lamp extractor (still in production)

  6. 3160 looks like the presses foot for an industrial sewing machine. ~ Frau

  7. 3160 is a bicycle derailleur with some gears missing.