Thursday, April 3, 2014

Set 539

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3145. 10" long:

3146. 8" long:

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3147. 10" long:

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3148. 6" long:

3149. 8-1/4" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

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3150. 11" long:

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3145. This is a floor board gauge, they were used for marking boards so they could be cut to various but standard widths using all of the board width possible from each slab. Sometimes these are incorrectly marked as clapboard gauges.

3146. A ratchet damper handle, it controls the amount of draft in a chimney flue, allowing the user to strike the right balance between ventilation and heat loss.

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3147. This is an ice chipper, it has a bottle opener on the other end, and instructions in the handle for making mixed drinks:

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3148. A battery terminal clamp puller:

3149. This is a chain breaker, or chain detacher, used for detaching the links on various sizes of square-link farm machinery chain. The bottom of this page shows a similar tool with some square chain.

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3150. This is a hammer drill, for drilling holes in concrete walls and into corners, patent number 1,708,658.

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  1. 3148 is a puller for a battery terminal.

  2. 3147 The same ice chipper from January: This is an ice chipper, it has a bottle opener on the other end, and instructions on the handle for making mixed drinks:

    1. Good memory Canem, I forgot to move it from my working directory and didn't realize I had used it already.

  3. 3149 is a tool for repairing drive chains, such as those used on antique farm equipment

  4. 3150 appears to be an old adjustable engraving tool.