Thursday, March 26, 2009

Set 277

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1573. Circa 1872:

Larger image

Larger image
Top view

1574. 41" long:


1576. 8" long, another unidentified tool from Scotty Fulton's collection:

1577. 10' diameter:

1578. 8" long:


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  1. 1574. Edger, used to run between grass & concrete to eliminate overgrowth on sidewalks & such
    1675, bumper jack, used in garages.
    1577. Firemans net?
    1578. Siren

  2. 1573 brings back memories of a machine to simulate tides
    1574 looks like a concrete line edger thing, i concur
    1575 looks like some sort of vehicle lifting jack
    1577 japanese jumping net?
    1578 looks like an air raid siren. the v shape is interesting.

  3. 1574 Agree with lawn edger.
    1577 Used to catch people jumping from burning buildings.
    1578 Siren used on vehicle.

  4. 1575 used to lift the front end of a vehicle

    1577 firefighters rescue net

  5. 1573-Timer?For chimes,bells etc
    1574-Concrete edger,runs along form boards.
    1575-End Jack,for cars/trucks,now pretty much obsolete as most modern unibody vehicles cannot be lifted from either end w/o damage.
    1576-Opener for covered pails/buckets?
    1577-Firemans net
    1578-Motor siren for vehicles

  6. Correct answers so far:

    1574. An edger
    1575. Bumper jack
    1577. Fireman's net
    1578. A siren

  7. Go with the others on most of them.
    1576 looks like a home-made tool for working with drive chains.

  8. 1577 Just to point out that you can just barely see the hinge that allows you to fold the net in half like a taco so that you can load it on a firetrucck.

  9. Police cars where I grew up had sirens like that mounted on the left front fender.

    It was said that bad kids would drop pennies into those slots, which pennies became a copper stripe across the care. It was said. I have no first-hand experience in the matter.