Thursday, December 3, 2009

Set 313

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1789. 6" long:

1790. 36" long:

Lifting the handle raises the upper half a few inches:

1791. 11" diameter:

1792. 3" long, the top part is leather and the lower piece is made of metal, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses on this item and a chance to win a T-shirt:

1793. A partial shot of something that most people would recognize:

1794. Submitted by a visitor, around 7" tall:

Larger image

Larger image


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  1. 1789. Drafting tool, as it opens it divides area into 10 equal spaces when full length is used.
    1790. Shear
    1791. Curling stone.

  2. 1791 looks like the stone used for quoits.
    I agree with Canem about the others.

  3. 1790 - i frequently used one of these many years ago. Tool for cutting asbestos shingles. Also punches the nail holes.

  4. 1793 looks like a police riot shield.

  5. 1789--More a layout tool than a drafting tool. While there are probably lots of trades where this could be useful, I'd guess it was designed as a cabinet-maker's tool, for laying out dovetails.

    1792--Perhaps a (flint-and-)steel, with the pocket to hold the now missing flint.

  6. 1794: Automatic fishing pole?

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