Thursday, December 31, 2009

Set 317

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1813. 2-3/8" long, submitted by a visitor who is looking to identify this device:

More photos of it can be seen here

The device disassembled:

Larger image

1814. 26" long:

1815. The large metal part is about 5" long:

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1816. 30" long:

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1817. Approximately 12" in length, the two long pieces can be rotated, next to the small piece of wood there are two springs:

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1818. 3-1/2" long:


1813. This is a hydraulic lifter, a device for maintaining zero valve clearance in an internal combustion engine.

More photos of it can be seen here

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1814. A gauge from a 1920s 'visible gas' pump, gas was pumped into the clear container on top of the pump, it was then fed by gravity into a customer's tank.

The two pumps on the right are 'visible gas' pumps:

The problem with this gauge was that it wasn't very accurate.

1815. A choker hook for use by loggers "to form a slip loop within which one or more logs can be held for dragging or carrying by the cable." Patent number 2,828,156

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1816. A gambrel, or gamb'lin stick, used at farm butchering time to hold firm the hind legs of hogs hung for cooling before cutting.

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1817. A harmonica holder, the two long pieces need to be rotated 90 degrees so that they can be placed on the performer's shoulders, the harmonica is held between the small piece of wood and the metal bar. Modern versions can be seen here.

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1818. A playing card throwing star, similar to a ninja throwing star:

This photo is for testing your memory on items which have all been posted before, scroll down to see the answers.

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Back row starting from the left:
1. Printer's type gauge used for measuring type for wear
2. Flue cleaner for an old steam tractor
3. Poison bottle
4. Spring compressor for an old automobile
5. Military blasting cap circuit testing device
Middle row:
6. Spark tester for small engines
7. Fusible link, a fire protection device, it was used as a link in a chain that held open large, heavy warehouse doors, heat from the fire would cause the low melting point metal in the middle to liquefy, thus breaking the chain and allowing the door to close.
Front row:
8. Speed indicator
9. Nut from a bank vault door
10. Shutter dog, mounted on the outside of a house to keep the shutters open

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  1. 1813. HL stands for Hydraulic Lifter.

    - Edward

  2. 1815. Rope Sling for lifting pipes or logs.

    - Edward

  3. 1814 Gas pump gallon marker

    1815 Choker, used in logging. The bell is original, the rope and pipe coupling are added for display.

  4. >1813. HL stands for Hydraulic Lifter.

    Thanks, looks like you solved this one.

    >1815. Rope Sling for lifting pipes or logs.

    >1814 Gas pump gallon marker

    >1815 Choker, used in logging. The bell is original, the rope and pipe coupling are added for display.

    These are all correct.

  5. 1817 Harmonica holder, looks home made.

  6. Just a couple of guesses.

    1816. Shuttle and/or tamper for weaving.

    1818. Drink coaster.

    - Edward