Thursday, June 16, 2011

Set 393

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2269. Around 14" long:

2270. 6' tall:

2271. Over 48" tall:

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2272. 11-1/2" long:

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2273. 18" tall, sent in by a visitor who is looking to find the purpose of this device:

2274. 2-1/8" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt:

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2269. An Air Traffic Controller's Signal Light Gun, used to signal pilots when radio communication isn't working.

2270. An IBM 305 RAMAC hard drive from 1956
It was the first commercial computer to use a moving head hard disk drive, storing five million characters of accounting data, the equivalent of 64,000 punch cards, on 50 24" magnetic disks. To put it in today's terms, the colossal machine held about 5MB of data. Its magnetic disks were accessed by two arms, controlled by vacuum-tubes, that were noisily protected by compressed air.

2271. A seed corn drier, ears of corn were placed on the spikes to dry, the door was used to place in a lamp or heater, patent number 1,228,556.

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2272. A Juno Model 3 Geiger Counter:

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2273. Lots of interesting guesses for this device but I haven't been able to verify any of them:
-Lamp or heater for use in a high dust environment
-Kerosene heater
-Airport runway or taxiway marker lantern
-Old road side smudge pot lamp
-A fumigator
-Roadworker's marker lamp
-Smudge pot -- a dirty-burning flame to coat an orchard with soot as part of a protection against freezing
-Alternate form of a Davy safety lamp

2274. A salt pulverizer, for breaking up salt in a shaker, it's also called a salt declumper, patent number 71,643:

Other patented salt pulverizers:
Number 270,189

Number 188,709

Number 2,442,486

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  1. 2270. Early hard drive.
    2273. Kerosene heater.

  2. 2269. Radar gun.

  3. 2270: IBM 350 Disk Storage Unit for the IBM 305 RAMAC from 1956
    2272: Geiger counter

  4. 2272: technically, I'd guess that this uses an ionization chamber rather than a Geiger tube, but yes, for measuring radiation.

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