Thursday, March 27, 2014

Set 538

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3139. 7" long, take a look at Neatorama for more guesses and a chance to win a T-shirt.

3140. Sent in by a visitor:

3141. 2-1/8" diameter

3142. 6" long:


Larger image

3144. 3-1/4" long:


3139. This is a British grenadier's match case, "grenadiers were soldiers assigned with the task of throwing grenades. The grenade of the time was a hollow iron ball, filled with gun powder and sealed with a wooden plug which contained the fuse. To ignite the grenade the grenadier carried a burning piece of cord called a slow match. When not in use, the slow match was placed into a small brass case with holes that was attached to the grenadier's shoulder belt."

3140. A third hand brake adjustment tool for a bike, it holds the brakes closed while the cable is adjusted:

3141. This nut is from an old bank vault:

With a U.S. quarter for scale:

3142. A burring reamer that was used with a brace, for removing burrs from inside the end of a pipe that has just been cut:

3143. Haven't been able to verify any of the suggestions for the exact purpose of these counters mounted in wood:

Larger image

3144. This is a saw set for a crosscut saw, it's also called a hammer swage, patent number 392,388:

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  1. 3142 is a hole reamer for enlarging holes in sheet metal.

  2. 3144 A crosscut saw set. Similar to Whiting's patent.

  3. 3140 is a third-hand tool bicycle brakes; it clamps the brake pads against the rim so the cable length can be adjusted more easily.

  4. 3141 - may be a Bank Vault nut
    3144 - should be more accuratley described as a Saw Swedge, used to reshape the Raker Teeth after sharpening.

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